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Memorable musical moments meme

Doug Chaplin has tagged me on this one. It’s a bloggers (though I’m still not so sure I am one) chain-letter. The meme asks us to share eight memorable musical moments, not favourite pieces, but the moments in which music combined to create memory. The rules are 

Think of eight memorable musical moments, not necessarily all time favourites, but those when, for example, you felt compelled to wait in the car when listening to this amazing song on the radio because you just had to know who it was by. Or the piece you heard on the tv in a drama that drove you straight onto iTunes to download… (remember once we spent the princely sum of 6s 8d on a vinyl single?!). Optional details for each song give where, why and Spotify or youtube links …

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A Love Supreme: Ba-dum, ba-dim

Saint John the Divine Sound Baptist

Saint John the Divine Sound Baptist

I’ve never been to San Francisco, but I already love two of the city’s churches. One of these is St John Will-I-AM Coltrane African Orthodox Church. I love A Love Supreme. It is the prayer of a troubled spirit through a musical genius.

The sound praise consists of the Coltrane Liturgy, which combines the Divine Liturgy of the African Orthodox Church, and the Twenty-third Psalm, with the melodies, harmonies and rhythms of Saint John Coltrane’s masterpiece: A Love Supreme.

The African Orthodox Church was founded in 1921 by Alexander McGuire, a Black Episcopalian rector who felt the need to found a Black Episcopalian church to escape the racism he encountered in the Episcopal Church. He received episcopal consecration at the hands of Joseph René Vilatte, a rather interesting character who had received his consecration in Sri Lanka from Syriac Orthodox bishops.

The Church of Saint John Will-I-AM Coltrane was founded in 1971 by Franzo King, who was consecrated in 1982. Archbishop Franzo and his wife Mother Marina had heard Trane play in 1965 and were deeply moved by the spirituality of that experience.