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Daily Mail calls immigrants animals


Daily Mail immigrants

The Daily Mail, more commonly known as the Daily Hate, published a cartoon based on a vulgarly twisted interpretation of an old government report on Britain’s need for migrant workers (via Liberal Conspiracy). The cartoon, as misunderstood by the hate-mongers of that obscene rag, is about multiculturalism going ‘too far’, but they didn’t notice that they just equated immigrants with animals. The cartoon is of a man marrying a sheep, and the caption reads, “I’ve voted Labour all my life, vicar; and fully support their quest for a multicultural society”. Can you believe these sick bastards?

Author: Gareth Hughes

A priest of the Church of England, who is Chaplain of Hertford College, Oxford, and doing Syriac research at Oxford University.

7 thoughts on “Daily Mail calls immigrants animals

  1. You seem happy enough to imply that English people and white people are (no doubt uniquely) racist in your previous posts. How is that any less bigoted than you claim this is? Other than through the ‘liberal’ guilt and moral virtue of socialism in which you can do no wrong and are automatically superior to the rest of us mere mortals of course.

    • Er, no I didn’t imply anything of the sort. This cartoon is racist; it is offensive. If you have a problem with me, stop reading and walk away. If you were to read what I write, you might note that I’m concerned with ways in which our society might become more equal, more fair. I am outraged at the constant air of superiority of the right wing in politics and establishment. If you understand that as me getting all superior, that’s nice for you.

  2. Oh please the left has a unshakeable belief in it’s own moral virtue, you can insult belittle browbeat and shout at whoever you like because it’s you doing it it’s therefore okay.

    Your White Man’s bizarre racist dream post talks about various films mythologies basically coming about because of white people being on a post-colonial guilt trip that’s really thinly veiled racism because it exoticises the ‘other’. Not that you’re claiming white people are racist or anything. Ironically I read it and think the post’s a white post-colonial guilt trip which fetishes the other ie it does pretty much the same as what it’s criticising the films for. Only difference is the format and the lack of special effects. But it’s you therefore it’s an acceptable white post-colonial guilt trip with ‘exoticisation’. Automatic moral virtue.

    • No, the Left has its own insecurities, partly because the Left is also quite self-critical. On the other hand, the political Right is from where the moralising tend to come. I’m not shouting at nor browbeating anyone.

      The post about the films is about a very similar plot running through a number of films. This shared plot has a clear racial theme. The post is an observation of what appears to be a means by which a white man exorcises the guilt of ‘settlement’ (in a general US context). As an observation, it’s a bit odd for you to say that the observation is a fetishising guilt trip too. It makes no sense at all for you to say that that article fetishises ‘the other’; which ‘other’? In fact, you seem not to engage whatsoever with what I’m saying about these films. Instead you go for the ‘ad hominem’ attack. Why do feel that these little boxes are here to make personal remarks rather than have a discussion? My moral virtue or lack thereof is my own business.

      Feel free to discuss these articles, or just stop reading them.

  3. The left has a massive blind spot as to its failings you just like to imagine it’s actually self-critical. And moralising is something it does in abundance, Might not moralise about the same things but it moralises non the less. Unshakeable belief in your own virtue will do that for you.

    You have a white guy joining with the ‘other’ to defend them against ‘his people’. In the films this involves axes or guns etc against invaders (I’ve never seen any of them so I’ll take your word for it). In the article its giving people a severe ticking off and sending them to the naughty step for their racism. There has to be an ‘other’ in the background for them to be racist against and for you to defend even if its not flying around in spaceships round the article.

    You seem to mistake discussion of your points with agreeing with you. Apparently everyone must interpret what you say the way you do or they are not ‘engaging’ and should just be silent.

    • So, you don’t like left-wing thought: I don’t like right-wing thought. It’s about as constructive as saying “The Left smells!”. As for moralising, ‘family values’ is a popular slogan of the Right. I am also pretty well assured that I am a miserable sinner.

      Racism is complex and most often systemic in a society rather than, as popularly imagined, confined to the words and actions of individuals. You say that I am “giving people a severe ticking off and sending them to the naughty step for their racism”, but I have plenty of friends, of different ethnic backgrounds, who have watched and enjoyed these films. If you read what I write carefully, you’ll notice that I’m not calling anyone racist, nor defining a ‘people’ that could be considered naughty. I am saying that I see the myth on which these films are based as racist, in that it is a white man’s myth of turning away from our very real imperialistic, colonising and slave-trading history (by aligning the hero with the victims of these actions), but always ends with the white hero dominating the future of his new people.

      No, I’m happy to discuss these little articles, and you may notice that comments are being published. If I thought you should be silent, you wouldn’t see your comments. I just wanted to say that Left bashing isn’t helpful.

  4. That article is spot on Gareth, keep up the good work!!

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